Meeting with Secretary of Iliso Lomzi: Resident Esolution of South Africa

By Peliswa Mgoqi

Ta Svig, secretary, said “Memese street have been destroyed by the Blue Crane Municipality and vandalized, and they were not informed about that is going to happen, there has been no answers for two weeks after the street has be vandalized and now there concern is that people can get hurt, more especially children and old people.”

On June 22 community decided to block the street by burning tyres but not intention to hurt people though this can destroy people’s live because there were chances of the nearby Clinic called Beatrice Ngwentle to be closed because of out of fear.

“We have been taken by police because it was claimed that what we doing is wrong but we stated that we not here by harm we want what is right for us and we got a right to do this from Polices but we agreed on not being harmful. We have started this by 06:00 am and now the time is 08:52 we were hoping that by 09:00 we would got answers but nothing and no one arrived to tell us what happened or when are they finishing the pavement” said a stand byer.

The anger was written on people’s faces hence they went to protest untill they found them from where the councillors were and hoping they would find the Mayor to get answers and why they stopped.

Councillor “Mabheya” said “I’m not going to talk about this only, I will talk about the Whole South Africa that the Leaders of South Africa do not communicate and I don’t want as if I’m doing favours since I’m staying to this street to other Locations since we all on same wards, as I’m also staying at the same street, and I’ve been only here for 7 months so I do not know everything about this and I can’t talk much” but they organised a meeting with a Mayor.

The Mayor said there was a meeting on June 15 held and people did not show up so they postponed the meeting.

As they have not consulted first with the Memese members about vandalizing the street and he was given 3 days to inform members but he did not as he answered ” he was not responded with ward councillor and some Leaders so they did not get the report as the meeting is not yet done”.

As they fight because this street has schools, and it is well known street that cars usually uses.

The Director said this has been since the ex councillor and he is the one that named 3 street but it happened Memese was the first Street to be vandalized.

The leaders aim for the whole ward 3 is for the wards to get as they promised, things will be sorted.

This was done by people who stay at Memese.

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