Grant Change from Post Office

By Peliswa Mgoqi

The change of getting the R350 SRD grant money from Post Offices to shops has affected so many things and people.

The R350 recipients are complaining that most of them saying it was better when they got it from post offices than USave because they only went with their id’s now. It is different because they were helped to apply for the R350. They want the phones which they have to beg people, some they want to be paid from the R350 because they say it is their time and they have better things to do and some they refuse.

I’ve managed to ask the ones that they applied for people they said ” We applied for more than five people and they all come in different days and they don’t all get their money at same dates, when we were helping them we didn’t know it would be like this, we would never never have been applying for them at the first time because some are rude as we have some other important things to do. People they don’t want to wait ” 

I went to Somerset East USave and the manager referred me to the Cashier of Money Market and as the Cashier Noxolo Tony said ” it is hard for them as they are only 2 ​ working at money market and the lines are long and people are rude because some of people are declined, some are not registered, And people are turned because of they had to come with the person that applied for R350 on phone both of them are needed and some won’t come again, the system is slow it is not the same as post office and they don’t use the code of post offices, they want numbers and I’d and people do not get this they blame them when they don’t get the money.

The change of getting money from the Post Offices is not​ working for all grant​ recipients.

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