Samkela Jobela owner of Sam Grills partners up with Uber Eats

By Zikhona Tima

Samkelo Jobela is a 27-year-old who is born in Scenery Park, a suburb in Eastern Cape, East London. He owns a kota, burger and chips business which has now partnered with Uber Eats.

Samkela started his business which is called Sam Grills in 2020. He said he always had an eye for business. In high school he sold sweets and chocolates and then when he went to university, he sold muffins and detergents. His love for business grew and that is why he decided to start his kota business. He chose the kota business because he saw a business opportunity within the black communities.

After starting his business and watching it grow, the time came when he decided to partner with Uber Eats. In 2022, Sam Grills officially partnered with Uber Eats.

Sam Grills is able to make deliveries to people without wasting any time. Samkela said there is more to come.

Facebook: Samkela Jobela/ Sam Grills

Instagram: Samkelajobela09

Twitter: Samke_Jobela

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