Remembering the Youth

By Piliswa Mgoqi

On June 16 the newly found Conscious Square hosted a June 16 event in commemoration of the Soweto Uprising with the theme after-school. The theme for this year’s June 16 celebration will be after school because of the current situation the country is facing socially and economically.

We all know what happens after school – some go to further education

  • some find jobs
  • some take gap year but what is our theme trying to achieve today we just want to thank the students of 76 for decolonizing the education system for us to be taught in a language we all understand we want to thank the students of 2015 for fighting for free education and with all that’s happening we want to celebrate the youth that is with us to thank them for not giving up and to give back to the community by allowing them to do their CVs and printing 2 copies each person, we are the youth that is still struggling but we saw we could make means to get the resources and make this day happen…

Stakeholders that were invited were:

Social development
Home Affairs
Mobile Clinic in partnership with:

Power Enterprises pty Ltd
Blue Crane Route Municipality
GBG Financial Consultant
Morden Boxing Club(Somerset East).

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