Makoni North celebrated development, welcomes Barbara Nyagomo


“…..38 boreholes repaired, sub-clinics constructed”

By Nyasha Nhau

The people of Makoni North celebrated and welcomed the founder of Barbara Nyagomo Foundation who is also a United Kingdom (UK) based medical practitioner, Barbara Nyagomo knee Chakabva arrived in the country on 14 April last week to see the progress of community development projects that she has been implementing in her rural home through her organisation since May last year.

Responding to NTU News Zimbabwe on her arrival at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, she listed a number of projects that she is doing and said her organisation was founded as a result of challenges associated by her background.

“Barbara Nyagomo Foundation is paying school fees for the less privileged students, donation of wheelchairs and clutches, giving loans to women mainly widows, vegetable gardening, rabbit and piggery projects as well as donation of freezits, sewing and peanut butter machines to allow self-sufficiency among the people of my rural home.

“Because of the challenges that l encountered both at family and community levels when l was growing up, l decided to assist the less privileged across the country including women mainly widows through my foundation.

“During the Tokwe Mkosi disaster, Barbara Nyagomo Foundation was among the first organizations to mobilize resources to help the victims, we have been on the ground, l am known in humanitarian corridors including at regional level and we have been always supporting people in different parts of the country but this time my focus is on Makoni North that’s my rural home, remember there is a saying goes older people say charity begins at home,” she explained.


From Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport she went straight to her rural home where she was welcomed at a function that was organized in Runyange District a day after her arrival, by the community to celebrate her philanthropic as well as community development projects in Makoni North.

Among them were traditional leaders, churches and residents as well as the leadership, members and supporters of Zanu Pf Makoni North constituency a party where she holds a post in, attended the function.

Popularly known as Muzvare Barbara in Makoni North, one of the beneficiaries of her philanthropic works Killian Bhangi could not hide his joy when he saw her. “Muzvare Barbara gave me a wheelchair, l am now mobile and she is doing a lot of community development projects here in Makoni North since last year, something worth celebrating, giving back to her rural community by supporting orphans, widows, people with limited abilities and developing the community at large,” Bangi said.

Muzvare Barbara who is also a Zanu Pf secretary for health in Chiendambuya district told this publication that she is using her medical background as well as party post to develop and strengthen the health sector in Makoni North but she is helping everyone regardless of their political backgrounds.

“In addition to the above, my organization is constructing sub clinics in different wards, a total of 38 boreholes have been repaired in Makoni North people are getting safe and clean water, also we have facilitated a first aid training program accompanied by certificates, that benefited students from different schools and donated first aid training kits in some schools with the aim of doing the same in every school in Makoni North.”

Barbara Nyagomo Chakabva has been going around Makoni North districts and wards since her arrival to meet with the beneficiaries of her projects in which some of them where benefiting communities not only individuals hence the celebration parties in some parts of the constituency.

She also attended an independence day celebration held in Nyahawa as a guest speaker while Chief Maparura graced the occasion. Some of the traditional leaders who met Barbara Nyagomo Chakabva since day one during her tour include Chiefs Chiendambuya, Chikowore, Mukowamombe, Zengeni as well as Mugadza and Zvimba village heads.

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