A shepherd raped and killed a girl beaten to death!

By Mandlakazi Nqeketo

This past week Emihle Tukani (12) from Baziya and a well-known artisan girl in her village was sent to fetch her grandmother’s R10 from a shepherd man. The grandmother wanted money to supplement her travel expenses to collect her pension from Mthatha during the week.

Emihle did indeed visit the 47-year-old shepherd, but this was the last time she was seen. Emihle’s grandmother and mother were worried when they saw the sun go down before the baby came back. They have decided to search for her.

Emihle’s mother started at the house of the man she was sent to. The man said he did not see her. While they were talking, the mother heard the groaning of someone in pain in the house. The man quickly said that it was not Emhle, but his sighing partner.

Emihle’s mother then ran out to call the village and when they returned to the house they found Emihle’s body with signs of rape, dumped next to the kraal naked and with her neck broken.

The villagers immediately grabbed the man, beat him up, and beat him up, to death.

“This young girl loved the inkciyo and was dedicated to the church. She said her dream was to change the state of her poverty one day. She knew that keeping it to herself would make this dream a reality,” said KSD Inkciyo’s secretary Ncediwe Langa.

“We are trying to rehabilitate the nation by collecting children, educating them on good manners. What do men really want from us?

The King of Baziya, Lord Minenkulu Joyi, confirmed the incident and said that the man had not been brought to his attention and that this was the way it was done when an outsider came to the village. The man was from Xhorha before arriving in the village.

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