Rachel Ziki: Mothers leaving children with disabilities in families they are not welcomed

By Ruvimbo Ngwetedza

The founder of Kudakwashe Care Centre a Stoneridge registered trust taking care of 28 vulnerable children incorporating those with disabilities, Rachel Ziki popularly known as Aunty Rachel said almost all the children being taken care under her organisation came from different backgrounds with always almost similar challenges mainly being snubbed because of physical statuses.

“Let us say l gave birth to a child with a disability, either father, mother and father in-laws or aunty would say our forefathers never had any child with a disability.

“They come to conclusion of saying in our family we do not have any related situations despite the fact that the daughter inlaw was a virgin when she came into their family.

“So most young parents ended up leaving their children in families where they are rejected, those children will live very painful lives and that is the reason why such children are here at Kudakwashe Care Centre,” explained Ziki at a grocery donation handover ceremony to the organisation by Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association (MDPPZA) on 24 March to complement the efforts.      

Ziki added that hard-boiled parents are out there and their behaviors equally affects women who are giving birth to children with disabilities. “In our communities we have unkind people whose hearts should not be expected in a parent, but because of them hence the reason why these children are found in different families.

“I mean young mothers who would still have true love to their husbands, will live in trauma because of giving birth to children who are not welcomed in thier own families, they ended up leaving them in these families.”

Children at the organisation which was founded in 2015 are drawn from different parts of the country and are being taken care of by caregivers and social workers who are volunteering to support Ziki and are planning to go around the communities of Zimbabwe to teach people on how to love and take care of children with disabilities.

She added that “this organisation was founded because of love and passion, we are recieving calls from different communities people telling us that they know children in similar situations so we are going to invite them here at Kudakwashe Care Centre and teach them through our counsellors of how important are these kids.

“We must show them love in our communities, God said l created people with My image so they are an image of God.”

Kudakwashe Care Centre teaches these children to make vases for flowers, door mats and the organisation does a broiler project, own a plot where vegetables are ploughed while making some dried. Rachel Ziki said there is a challenge of water and they are looking for potential donors to help with borehole drilling.

MDPPZA led by it’s President Dr Johannes Marisa together with Serge Eddy Mba who is the spine and brain surgeon, Veronica Zimunhu senior nurse and fundraising coordinator as well as Dr Owen Chanetsa graced the event on behalf of their fellow members who are across the country, to handover a donation that was partly raised at a fundraising dinner held at Cresta Lodge in Harare few weeks ago.

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