NERA condemns USD payment for local observers, threatens nationwide protests

By Political Reporter

As Zimbabwe by-elections set for 26 March is only few hours left, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commision (ZEC) has opened the doors for accreditation for both the local, regional and international observers.

Following this development, the National Electoral Reforms Agenda (NERA) has released a press statement signed by it’s executive chairman Joelson Mugari after ZEC released figures required for one to register with it.

“We strongly condemn ZEC for demanding USD payment for local observers, NERA is vehemently concerned and seriously condemning the way ZEC is handling accrediting process and payment demands. Zimbabwe citizens are not working, unemployment level is way above 85% and all citizens interested in being local observers are asked to pay United States Dollars.

“That is a total disenfranchising citizens, why asking for USD when we have our own currency? Worse off asking for it from the unemployed citizens, what is it that they want us not to see?”

“As if that is not enough we are so shocked to hear that ZEC is printing a ballot paper in black and white, where in the world did this ever happened, ZEC respect the citizens, operate within the confines of the law,” said Mugari.

“We strongly warn ZEC that continuing to do unconstitutional behaviour will lead into massive nation wide demonstrations. Currently we are in consultation with political parties to agree on date for wayforward on ZEC blunderings and negligence and put up a date for national demonstration.

“We will advise you of our outcome soonest, otherwise we will demonstrate right on the day of by-elections,”  added NERA Executive chair.

“NERA is an organisation that openly represent political parties on the issues affecting electoral processes and we are suggesting all citizens to join hands together and thoroughly push for true independent and impartial electoral commission and electoral reforms.”

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