Tongaat’s Skills development centre hopes to see progression in Community

By Sabelisiwe Ndlovu

The unemployment rate in South Africa continues to rise each year the year 2021 reported the highest jobless rate since comparable data began in 2008.

I can count many reasons why developments such as the Multi Skills Centre are such a necessity in today’s times. They have been able to revamp hope in the hopeless and help open new opportunities for the people of their community. The Multi Skills Centre is a skills development centre that focuses on motivating and encouraging the public in order to empower them to learn and develop news skills in hopes to find employment or even give them the ability to start their own businesses.

Vijie Padayachee, an employee of the Tongaat Central Library helped and encouraged Pushpa Govender, the founder of the Multi Skills Centre to gather an executive team in order to form the centre.

The centre was first opened in 2017, situated in Belvedere Hall in Belvedere Tongaat, KZN.

Since being opened the centre has made a great impact on the lives of many community individuals from throwing a savoury sales even I order to raise money for cancer to cooking food for the Golden Step School pupils as well as making sandwiches for the other local schools. Despite the centre being anl none profit organization, it has continued to stand alongside the people of the community ensuring that they have a hand in helping to better their lives.

The skills development centre is very proud of their accomplishments since opened the centre with members who have learnt to now sew their own cloths, knit their own items, do floral arrangements as well part take in arts and crafts.

The centre recently celebrated their 5-year anniversary and the celebration was held at the Belvedere hall pertaining of memorable moments shared amongst the members and the community. Vijie Padayachee was presented with a bouquet of flowers accompanied with a gift voucher as a token of appreciation for the constant ambition and drive towards the centre. As an icebreaker to warm up the conversations amongst the participants, Ragnee Pillay as well as other 2 members of the centre sang songs as well as in the form of interaction played a sing along game. Words of empowerment were also shared amongst those at the celebration as a way to encourage and thank them for their hard work and time. To further unite the centre a cake cutting ceremony took place to properly celebrate the great milestone.

In the next 5 years the Skills development centre hopes to see progression within the community, they hope to see growth within the numbers or members as well as teachers. They hope to receive adequate sponsorship in order to ensure the smooth sailing of the centre and the ability to in the future expand the centre as well as the skills being provided within.

The centre is open to everyone in the community at the Belvedere Hall at 9am every Thursday and those wishing to assist the centre in any way are asked to contact Pushpa Govender on 0738979944.

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