Meet KwaMakhutha’s Ghost Yama Ghost

By Sabelisiwe Ndlovu

From John Doe to one of KwaZulu-Natals best traditional healers, Dr Lloyd Myeza also known as Ghost Yama Ghost (GYG) 31, a young father and husband claims that he has idlozi (ancestors) to thank for all his worldly successes.

It was at the age of 17 when Dr Lloyd started experiencing the calling but he at the time ignored it and it was 10 years later at age 27 three days after the passing of his grandmother did he accept his gift. Dr Lloyd says to have adopted his grandmother’s spirit and walks with her, he claims she influenced him in growing his gift by showing him the powers she came with. Dr Lloyd states that “one only accepts a calling after seeing the powers they carry.” Dr Lloyd says that with have accepted his gift each day, each week, each month and each year he kept getting better and better at healing his people.

Before embarking on his spiritual journey Dr Lloyd said that life was very good and smooth up until now where he revisits all the errors he had made whilst growing up. Being a spiritual healer was nowhere close to what Dr Lloyd has envisioned for himself growing up, rather yet his dream was to become an international chef, but idlozi (ancestors) had other plans.

In the period of life before ubungoma, Dr Lloyd worked as a regional visual manager at Totalsports (TFG) up until 2021 where he was faced with the tough decision to resign and make esgodlweni his new 9-5.

Five years have passed since Dr Lloyd started practicing traditional medicine and in that time he has managed to achieve great heights after registering as a practitioner at the Traditional Health Organization which now recognizes him as a legal doctor, not only is Dr Lloyd a phenomenal healer but also a great philanthropist who’s since opened up Myeza chemist which is a chemistry that provides traditional medicine to his patients and in the process allowing him to employ 4 youth.

Dr Lloyd Myeza proves to be a great philanthropist as the words he lives by are “I am for the people by the people” and has done numerous donations of school uniforms and text books to various schools in townships in KZN the great Dr is currently busy building a study center in the township KwaMakhutha next to Myeza chemist where kids can come in a do research and homework while connected to the wifi.

Individuals such as Dr Lloyd Myeza are a great representation of traditional spirituality and that faced with life changing decisions Dr Lloyd was able to fully trust in idlozi (ancestors) and in result he is living comfortably and is able to provide for both himself and his family as well as giving back to the community.

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