by. Nolubabalo Mcinga

The first few months of King Misuzulu KaZwelithini’s reign have been tough and maskandi group, Ingane Zoma isn’t making things easy for him.

The controversial duo has released a new song about the Zulu Royal Family and the Phoenix Massarce that took place in Phoenix, KwaZulu Natal, last year. The incident that occurred in July led to the deaths of thirty-six people.

Now, Ingane Zoma is coming for the new King with the song titled ePhoenix. It addresses what happened and accuses the Zulu Royal family of not dealing with the issue well.

However, the King’s spokesperson, Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni has refuted the claims that the Royal house hasn’t done anything about the massacre.

“The Phoenix issue is quite a sensitive one. What is important is that we are doing work around it in terms of looking at how the social cohesion can be improved within our community as a whole. It was a bad reflection to us as a nation. We found ourselves being victimised in the way Zulu people were losing lives. We lost young people, mothers, fathers and more,” he said.

Prince Africa Zulu said the King is working on the matter through his soldiers on the ground.

“Even His Majesty himself was going through a lot of struggles of his own with his enemies at the time. However, what is important is that in the Zulu Monarchy, we’ve got intellectuals like Xolani Dube,” he said.

“The King works on his matters through his soldiers on the ground. So, if you had to take time and look at Xolani Dube’s work, you’ll realise that a lot has been done around the issue,” continued the Prince.

When asked if the Royal House finds the song disrepecful and if anything would be done about it, Prince Africa Zulu said they wouldn’t do anything about it.

“The Royal House is not a dictatorship, actually, the Royal House has always put emphasis on the work of artists. We use this to evaluate the position of the public on matters. Sometimes it’s a warning, sometimes the artist is out of order but we welcome that. We’re not looking to shut down the voices of our people. We are just as saddened about the situation ourselves,” he said.

Prince Africa Zulu went as far as thanking the duo for the song.

“His majesty is going through so much that he’s dealing with, we’re just pleased that there are artists like them who are brave enough to remind us that we have to think about programmes for the Phoenix Massacre and re-eavlaute our settlements with other nationilities because they have become part of the country,” he said.

He also advised people against getting revenge for their lost family members during the massacre.

“We do no want any revenge taking place because it will not grow us as a nation. We are looking for ways to solve this,” said Prince Africa Zulu.

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