By Fezeka.A Ngamlana

A-41- year -old man from East London town at Duncan Village in Section D claims that he has been living in a traumatic situation for years.

Giyamu is a man that lives by himself and has to hustle to earn a living due to being unemployment. The house that he lives in is not in a good condition and suitable for a normal person to live in, due to the circumstances in which he lives in it. Giyamu said he lives in the house as it was granted to him and his younger brother after their previous home collapsed.

When it rains the house has holes that draw water inside, it has no door and concrete windows. “ I live in this house as bad as it is because I am a man and I believe that it is not appropriate for me to live elsewhere” explained Lonwabo as his younger brother fled the scene and asked for a place to stay from the neighbours.

Lonwabo’s next door neighbour Fezeka Gabe claims that he has adopted him as his brother and when she cooks she makes sure that she dishes up for Lonwabo and provides him a space and water to wash himself. If it’s raining, Lonwabo sleeps in the water because the house has no door”, said Fezeka.

“He does not benefit​ from the government R350 grant and that is why I am making sure that he does not does not eat from the bins” said Fezeka.

According to what his brother has mentioned, the house was not originally built for them but they were provided with it as a shelter after their home collapsed, said Lonwabo’s younger brother Qhamane Giyama.

Qhamane said his brother was a man that had his own business but he noticed a small disturbance mentally and took it to social workers but they did not get help.

“It also difficult for me because I am not working as it is hard for me to get a stable job and I am also not benefiting from the government grant”, said Qhamani.

The Giyama family is appealing to the public and the government authorities to provide them with whatever they have to rescue them from the kind of life they live.


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