Learners and teachers cause shut down Reshwa Secondary School in Peddie

Learners and teachers have caused a shutdown of Reshwa Secondary School in Peddie. The issue of schools shutting down in the rural areas lately is a matter of concern due to the lack of funds from the education department. Government cannot employ a number of teachers. There are also bad conditions in the rural areas.

Reshwa Secondary School, in Hlosini Location, in Peddie, is a 1 block school and there is a shortage of furniture. Grade 8 and 9 are combined and the syllabus is not the same. Therefore there are a few classes. These are the reasons of the shutdown.

One of the school’s former teachers said that, the number of teachers depends on the number of learners, for example a school can have 4 teachers whereas there are 200 learners. This puts a huge strain on the teachers.

Learners at the school are said to share desks. There is a lack of safety because no securities are employed. People from the community break into the schools. The sad part is that the schools are left to be vandalised.

No comment was received from the education department.

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