Clover Workers Strike Mass Meeting

By Phila Audrey Tuba

On Saturday, January 8 Clover workers along with Workers and Socialist Party organised a mass meeting regarding Clover workers strike at Cathedral Hall in Johannesburg. Clover wants to retrench 300 workers, additionally four branches are proposed to be shutdown adding another 350 jobs losses, not including workers who took the Voluntary Severance Packages. The GIWUSA has reported that the company wants to relocate the City Deep Branch to Boksburg risking another 812 job losses.

In 2019 Milco, an Israel dairy company had acquired shares in Clover South Africa’s largest dairy company.​ Milco is part of the largest Israel group Central Bottling Company. South African authorities had approved the merger based on creating jobs as part of Masakhane project. The workers demand clover to be nationalized under democratic workers control. The workers had objected this purchase based on the solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli imperialism.

Workers and Socialist Party national committee member Tino Gwenyaya said his union is in solidarity with clover workers to end capitalist retrenchment of workers that will create mass unemployment and poverty.

The SAFTU spokesperson Trevor Shaku stated that they want to mobilise not only trade union of affiliates SAFTU but the working-class movement which are in alliance with SAFTU. They want to ensure that they carry out strike for fearing of continuation of a trend that has started on various sectors. Most importantly in the public sector where retrenchment have been carried through.

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