Zimbabwe Partnership Statement on Unity Day

President of Zimbabwe Partnership Mr Innocent Netanyahu popularly known as General Nat Turner is a Social Architect

Today Zimbabweans commemorate Unity Day. Unity Day is a result of an irrevocable peace agreement entered between the late iconic president Robert Gabriel Mugabe who led Zimbabwe from 1980 until 2017 and father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nyongolo Mqabuko Nkomo who deputized Cde Mugabe for many years in what we regard as the decade of stability (1987 to 1997).

The signing of that unity accord resulted in a decade of stability as a reward for the unselfish acts by the two leaders of Zanu and Zapu to stop Black black violence to commit to peace and Nation development.

Dr Nkomo passed on in 1999. It is important to note that despite the challenges he faced, which included losing many of his party members and civilians from the regions he dominated in a period labelled Gukurahundi,​ he never called for sanctions from the west. Despite having political differences with Cde Mugabe​ it as inconceivable that Dr Nkomo would side with white supremacy to inflict economic torture and suffering on his own people and country.

Dr Nkomo was an exceptional leader, he wasn’t a house negro, neither an uncle Tom nor a puppet. A true nationalist who believed in African solutions to African challenges, he was a genuine racial hero.

As we express our Happy Unity Day wishes, we must not forget who are the real agents of disunity and economic suffering of Zimbabweans responsible for political instability and reversal of the gains of independence.

ZANUPF in 1981 created ZCTU which broke away from ZANUPF later and mutated into a pro-West political outfit or party. Since 2000 that party has been siding with white supremacy to promote and protect Amerikkkan interests. Just yesterday [21 December 2021], they shamefully celebrated the enactment of the economic asphyxiating ZDERA into law that victimizes Zimbabwe for its land reform program. That’s disunity and destruction.

“Twenty years ago today, the U.S. Congress passed the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA). #ZimReforms” read the arrogant tweet on the US Embassy Harare social media account and all at the behest of Zimbabwe’s Black degenerate Number 1 enemy dc – Rhodesia Front.

This exposes their diabolical, toxic and divisive nature. Commemorating the day, they imposed illegal sanctions of mass destruction on ordinary citizens to separate them from the stewards of their culture and identity.

The Electoral Act must be crafted in a manner that bars all political parties who don’t sign a pledge of unity and peace and to promote the same to be banned from participating in the country’s democratic elections.

Sanctions target but ordinary citizens. These heartless people, let them be anathema. When they shall die, let their children’s children spit on their graves and say, ” Die unpopular heroes.”

Section 10 of the Zimbabwe Constitution provides; National unity, peace & stability.

The State and every person, including juristic persons, & every institution & agency of government at every level, must promote national unity, peace & stability.

Note: It says…including _juristic persons, _ that means your NGOs, CSOs, Churches, trade unions, companies, etc. & particularly your *political parties*. It is their Constitutional duty to draw inspiration from the unity day to live in peace with all men. National unity, peace & stability are the three pillar rocks on which to build a nation for prosperity & posterity; and an anchor for genuine democracy, any other foundation is sinking sand.

How to achieve National Unity Peace and Stability

In order for us to achieve national unity, peace and stability, we must have the knowledge that genuine leaders think in the terms of nationhood and that it’s in their DNA to promote national unity. These are New Afrikans, self-respecting, racially conscious brothers/ sisters who have gone through a spiritual & physical rebirth, consistently practising race responsibility, and participating in Black Nation-building etc. These people are the candidates for national leadership and are, therefore, eligible for deployment into governance positions.

Never should we entrust negros or house negros into the governance of Zimbabwe. For such are ignorant, self-hating, anti-Black persons who refuse to acknowledge white oppression or injustice and consistently justify white hatred and brutality of Black people. Most Negroes behave this way more on ignorance than malice. The house negros in particular feels offended when whites are criticized by a Black person and they regard chattel slavery and colonialism as being better than the current state of Affairs in African countries. These are sanctions lovers. God and our Ancestors must never allow them to form a government in the land of Zimbabwe.

Blessed are the promoters of national peacemakerskers and all committed to the stability of Zimbabwe.

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