Sleeps, eat and behave like a goat; Government given up

“… the church, philanthropists and non governmental organizations must intervene.”

By own correspondent

A 14 year old minor Levite Matomu from Ward 9 Mwenezi District under Chief Maranda in Village 2 Bhadhagi, who is sharing food, a place to sleep and cry the same with goats has been this week seen with sores on his right side on the chest and no one knows where did they originate from.

Some of the people who spoke to NTU News Zimbabwe after visiting the place in Maranda village the rural home of the late visually impaired music legend Paul Matavire, appealed to the government, corporate world and the church community to support the boy.

One of the villagers who among others demanded not to be named said, “Matomu grew up living and sleeping with goats, cries and behaves like them which is inhuman.

“No one knows where he got those sores and there is no one to take care of him.”

When this publication asked members of the community if the government is aware of this issue they said it has since given up on the boy.

“The Social Welfare department once assisted him but no longer giving him any support.

“When the issue was recently brought up to them after when we saw him with sores around his body, they are now sighting lack of resources to travel and try to assist the child,” he added.

After asked some members of the community if the boy does have parents since he is always seen at the shops around the area, it is said he is an orphan and the living relatives do not want to involve themselves in what they think might end up affecting their lives considering that it is believed his situation is a witchcraft related.

Another old lady who is 65 years of age from the same community who seemed to be knowing what might have been transpired shared the information.

“He was cursed while he was still in her mother’s womb a few days before she was about to deliver, she was told that she will gave birth to a child who would behave like a goat after when she had stolen someone’s goat.

“He goes around at the shopping center of Maranda here in Mwenezi, both parents are now late, the surviving relatives do not want to take care of him for fear of the one who caused this terrible situation to an innocent child,” she explained.

Meanwhile some Zimbabweans from different parts of the country who believes in God are calling upon members of the Christian community as well as philanthropists to lend their hands on Matomu’s life.

“We are a Christian nation, we have a lot of men of cloth from across the country who always preach the word which also says children should not be punished for what their parents or forefathers did.

“Most of them performed miracles and testimonies are written all over.

“These are the situations which needs such prophets and pastors that we are reading, listening to and watching in the media every day and night. They should come in to heal the boy and the positive result will surely send a clear message in Mwenezi and other parts of the country that people should repent and start seeking God,” said Ellen Mutyauripo a young lady from Chitungwiza.

A Harare business woman Stella Chikwanha appeals to members of non governmental organizations, business community and well wishers to also play their roles while the church is coming in from a spiritual angle.

“This situation does not need politicians rather philanthropists and organizations should intervene to ensure that he is accomodated in the family and taken care of while spiritual action is applied.

“Where are we going as a nation if we can not handle such situations!”

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