EC’s chosen light heavyweight Champ – Tony Kilian

By Jasmin Rose

Tony Kilian was heavily over weight as a child​ and being bullied or picked on was the name of the game.

“I hated it. One day I had enough and told myself I need to fight back so I saw an opportunity to change that and I did, I started doing MMA at a local gym and that’s how started and got were I am today. During my fights my favourite strike is either my liver shot or submission dace chock but I don’t really have a preferred method when fighting,” said Kilian.

Kilian adds that MMA is his passion and without it he is nothing. He looks up to Muhammad Ali who is his biggest inspiration and the fact that when you in the ring you can’t​ lie, talk or cheat when you are in that ring because you get to know who you really are deep down inside, when there is somebody trying to take you down and the adrenaline of being in the ring.

Kilian currently is working training with Dominate MMA at the East London martial arts centre in preparation for his next fight in February 2022.

Kilian adds, “This kind of sport keeps me healthy, a place to also channel my anger people that know me well would describe me as the clown of the group they call me mostly by my nick name “The Magic Man” and to my number one supporter my fiancé Carmen Rose she keeps me grounded the one reason I am always ready for my next win!”

One of Kilian’s dream fights is to have a grapple with Alexander Gustafson which is worth a shot.

Tony Kilian has a record 8 fights – 7 wins and one loss, bronze medals nationally in two divisions, ​ amateur champion light heavy and middle weight.

Kilian said “Today is a good day to die and it is not enough to merely defeat an enemy in battle. Your victory must be so overwhelming that your enemies’ will to fight is shattered forever. A blade can end a life. Fear can end an empire” and he adds that “as long as it’s a fight just give me a date a time and I’ll be there. “

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