Approx 107 illegal shacks demolished in BCM

By Iviwe Makhasi

The Buffalo City Metro has demolished 107 illegal shacks on a piece of land outside the King Phalo airport on December 7.

The demolishing includes the BCM cutting off poles, zinc sheets and confiscating them.

These are joint operations that are conducted together with the South African Police Services.

In September, the same municipality demolished 26 shacks in the same area.

The land invasions are believed to be preventing the government’s effort in expanding the King Phalo airport.

The spoke spokesperson of BCM Samkelo Ngwenya said that they are executed to demolish all the illegal structures in and around the Metro.

“We understand that people are looking for better economic opportunities and it cannot be that they invade pieces of land that do not belongs to them, and these invasions also affect service delivery as we have to divert basic human services to these new housing”, said the spokesperson.

He concluded that they have just committed a land audit where they are able to identify and categorise all pieces of land in the metro, knowing the land and how to work it as a city is important to the development plan and it become very crucial that they protect all the land that are for development.

BCM residents are advised not to invade the pieces of land that do not belong to them.

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