Politics divides communities, politicians benefits

Lynette Karenyi kore: “Supporting MDC or not, supporting Zanu or not love one another you are one familiy.”

By Anesu Angeline Madziro/Nyasha Nhau

Politics in Zimbabwe has caused hatred and divisions amongst the families, friends and the citizens at large in the communities instead of uniting people, address governance of the country, service delivery as well as bread and butter issues, in all this politicians the beneficies.

This is witnessed by the events taking place on social media platforms, intra party violence and the environment within the society where youths from main political parties are being used as pawns in this game.

A concerned Zimbabwean Vimbai Chiwuswa said there is need to educate the masses on the main reason why they are participating in politics which is not to be used by political leaders to fight on their behalf.

“Many people do not know what their vote means because they do not understand the political systems so education on that is necessary. Young people should know that we are one people, we should not allow politicians to make our communities their play grounds and us being the game which always results in ordinary people loosing and them benefitting.

“We must be each other’s keeper not to allow politics to separate us and attack each other in the name of defending political ideologies of our parties and the grassroots should change the way we treat political leaders like they are semi-gods, let us send a clear message to them that their life is in our hands not the other way round,” said Chawuswa.

However in many cases of political violence, young people are found being perpetrators of violence, she reminded them that families that suffer at the end are not of political leaders and she warned them to desist from violence.

“Many young people are being used to fight on behalf of their political leaders on social medial and some are engaging in physical fights in the name of defending ideologies of their organizations, as a result they are the ones who are getting arrested and their relatives suffer the most, with their families got support from their political organizations for just few months and they end up seeing taking part in politics and governance of the country as dangerous”.

Vimbai Chiwuswa added that politicians must know that they are public servants with a duty to deliver to the communities they represent not their supporters only and if they do not there is no second chance in office.

“Leaders should deliver and accomodate everyone who is ineed of their services not to consider if the person is or not part of the ticket that brought them into public offices.

“Each voted in leader has to do their jobs well within their term of office, those who do not deliver should leave quietly and the grassroots should change representatives for their own good even if that person belongs to their favourite political organizations.”

Chiwuswa urged Zimbabweans to actively take part in the decision making processes for the purposes of building the nation that they admire and told politicians who are in this journey for wealth to create an environment that will see everyone living a better life through legal ways. “We must all decide to the process that determines the change that we want but this can not be achieved by ignoring or being spectators.

“Those who are into politics for money can still make it by ensuring that sustainable solutions are created using locally available resources to benefit all parties involved through creating jobs and to use government revenues to empower the communities among other things.”

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance vice president Lynette Karenyi Kore called all citizens to unite, stop politics of hatred and shun violence in their communities.

“When one supports MDC and you get murdered what is the reason, when you support Zanu Pf and you are killed what is the  reason. Support your Mnangagwa withouth being forced, support your Chamisa without being forced. When sugar goes higher it is not only for Zanu Pf supporters but it get hurts it’s supporters because their leaders are incharge.

“Why are we fighting, farming inputs are distributed on partisan basis, MDC supporters are deprived of the same and there is no rain because God Is not happy. Love one another because if hunger comes to your house you can go to your neighbour.

“Politicians whom you are fighting on their behalf always enjoy a good breakfast with beacon and other goodies while you wake up without having the same. Supporting MDC or not, supporting Zanu or not love one another you are one familiy.

“Elections are coming, pastors pray for these people including me so that we do not fight each other, preach love in churches,” Kore said this in Masvingo province at a funeral of Nyasha Zhambe Mawere an MDC Alliance supporter who succumbed to injuries after when he was attacked by a group of people believed to be some Zanu pf supporters after when Nelson Chamisa visited Gutu in october and his motorcade was also stonned.

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