By Siposethu Hashe

WSU’s Student Development and Support Services (SDSS) department has launched a 12-week learning programme targeted at cultivating an entrepreneurial attitude within the university community.

The institution’s objective to “react to society demands in ethical, scholarly, sustainable and entrepreneurial ways and offer future ready graduates” inspired the Training Future Entrepreneurs (TFE) programme.

A Senior Student Development Practitioner at SDSS, Nombulelo Khanyisile Blaai came up with the idea of TFE with the help from Faculty of Education, Economics, and Management Sciences in developing the programme, with funding from the Directorate of Learning and Teaching.

The programme is made up of​ 12 modules that cover a broad range of topics such as marketing strategies, finance, business management and strategic management​ all of which are presented in a way that is easy to understand for those who do not have knowledge of business practices.

Blaai said, “Agents or participants who are just interested in business opportunities are invited to participate in the program.” Some people already have business ideas, but they do not know how to put them into action. We are also teaching mentors so they can help train others so that our graduates and their broader communities can prosper.”

With the unemployment rate in South Africa hitting an all-time high of 34.4% graduates find themselves falling into the statistics of the unemployment, hence programmes like TFE are important in tertiary institutions.

Faculty of Education, Economics and Management sciences, Professor Thobeka Ncanywa said that students who were part of the TFE programme, will be able to use the entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses when they graduate from University and struggle to find employment.

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