Conference Draws to a Close

By Zara Johaardien

The annual three-day event, AIEC concludes with great success. Here is a look at what contributed to the great three-day event.

The AIEC was held between November 24 and November 26 at the FNB Boardroom and Invest Stop Shop in Cape Town, South Africa. The event has had a great impact on all entrepreneurs and business people alike. The event was nothing short of successful as it was filled with enlightening discussions tackling the social as well as economic contributions that could be made to better the African continent.

The CEO and host of the AEIC, Oliver Chikodzore, had his work cut out for him as this conference was both virtual due to Covid19. Regardless, he, alongside his collaborators rose to the occasion and hosted the event successfully. The conference was jam packed with entrepreneurs and business men and women alike from all over the world sharing their expertise on how better themselves, their businesses and also the economy in Africa.

The various conversations between and post presentations, within conjunction to the main theme of the conference this year, was a robust dialogue having people alike share information, their wisdom and expertise. The synergy was palpable as the need to positively contribute to the African Continent and economy. No topic was left unturned as everyone shared and collaborated by means of making connections as well as to join and have collaborations.​

The highlighted or recurring discussions included the importance of having women at the forefront starting up their own business alongside the men within the economy. The importance of business continuity and what systems should be put in place with your business in order for it to still be operational within any kind of threat or disaster. Also, the need to adapt to the current lifestyle and sort of living due to Covid19, is highly imperative in order to have your business to remain successful.

Within the span of three days, the lessons learnt can be classified as wisdom gained that would not be easily forgotten. With the consistent work of each speaker and the their contributions towards the economy, taking it a day at a time, Africa’s economy could be immensely improved.

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