The African Entrepreneurs Conference: ‘Your only salvation is your education’

By Alicia Heyman

The 3 (three) day African Entrepreneurs Conference that started November 24 at Invest SA One Stop Shop has already covered their 2ndday of the conference on Thursday, November 25. The conference is hosted by The African Innovation and Entrepreneurs Centre (AIEC). The event focuses on African Entrepreneurs, economic improvement, creating employment and many more business-related topics.

The theme of the conference is ‘Business Continuity During and Post Covid-19’. On the first day of the conference there were many guest speakers touching on this theme and topics around this theme. On the 2nd day, Thursday November 25, more speakers joined on this theme and topics around it. Speakers such as Dr. Seth Asare (i2iMegaHub Technical Director, USA), Carl Bodlund (Chief Commercial officer), Shirley Nzeh (Tech Entrepreneur), Minnie-lee Tagwirei (Founder and Editor of Beetroot Africa), Joy Wanjiru Zenz Machugu (CEO of Africa Women in Europe and Africa Women in Trade), Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah (President of i2iMegaHub, USA), Dr. Jacob Medupe (from South Africa), and Mercia Isaacs (President and Founder of VUYA Foundation).

Dr. Asare engaged on the topic ‘A Healthy Enviroment and A Healthy Life’. He mentioned the importance of sanitation and how it promotes health. The audience also engaged on how communities can stay clean and healthy and how this can also create employment by collecting recycled materials. Bodlund spoke on the topic ‘Smart Cash Flow’ and how businesses should manage their cash flow suitably. Nzeh shared ideas on ‘How Technology and Tourism Can Be Used to Revive African Economies During and Post Covid-19’.

Minnie-lee Tagwirei covered the topic ‘How Entrepreneurs Can Use Media to Grow Their Businesses’. “If no one knows about you how will they know about your product”, says Tagwirei.

Wanjiru spoke on ‘Connecting African Businesses to the Market’ and how entrepreneurs should work together and create a fair collaboration. Dr. Anim-Mensah shared ideas on how entrepreneurs can change their products in color or shape to get the perfect product or style that the market loves. Dr. Medupe touched on ‘The Decolonisation of Higher Education and its Impact on the Appropriation of the fourth Industrial Revolution’. He mentioned in his discussion about newly graduates being unemployed in South Africa and how it’s affecting them.

Isaac addressed the VUYA Foundation, an Early Childhood Development Centre in her presentation. The goal of the Foundation is to build the dream and create hope for children.

“Your only salvation is your education”, said Isaacs

Today, November 26 marks the last day of the conference and all topics discussed will be put into action.

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