ZIM-UK based philanthropist, entrepreneur brought smiles to Makoni North

By Ruvimbo Ngwetedza

A Zimbabwean – United Kingdom based international award winner and a health practitioner Barbara Nyagomo Chakabva is building some health facilities (clinics) in her rural home, among other intiatives under her give back to the community program.

Among the initiatives include paying school fees for some less privileged students at 10 different primary and secondary institutions in Makoni North, drilling and repairing of boreholes, as well as gardening, poultry, animal husbandry, brick moulding, soap, vaseline, surf, jam and beads making projects for women and youths among other income generating projects.

Speaking to NTU News Zimbabwe on behalf of the community, Benjamin Chikomo a teacher at Hangaiwa Primary School thanked her for such a gesture, remembering where she came from.

“For us to be called people it starts with good health, clean water and one is able to read and write.

“At Hangaiwa there is now a sub clinic in Nyahondo under construction, the project is going smooth, within a week things started taking shape there was already a slub and structures with door frames in their preferred places.

“This initiative is funded by Barbara Nyagomo.

“To the people of Zimbabwe, l am not politicizing this issue, these are the people who were suppose to be our community leaders because they look into what is needed for people to survive, this is so exciting and she is one of a kind,” said Chikomo.

He also said that people used to travel a long distance to get medication because of medical facilities shortage.

“We used to walk more than 15km to Ushamba or Mutoko to get medical access including pregnant women.

“Now Barbara has lessen the burden because even old people can now walk less and easily get treatment,” he explained.

Wishing that the projects be implemented in all the districts for the purposes of the country’s growth, he also added that residents of Makoni North should always refer every issue to the word of God for them to be able to appreciate things that came their way.

“The bible say ‘l will send my helpers,’ Barbara is one good example of such people send by God.

“Let us embrace and support them, if parents are thankful to little things that their children brought, tomorrow they will bring rabbits then next time cows.

“Reports are coming from different wards that boreholes in Chiendambuya which were not functioning she has done wonders there is water everywhere.

“Schools could not set up structures, she has helped we now have good blocks which are built in most institutions.”

Apart from building clinics, Barbara Nyagomo Chakabva has so far donated some medical aid kits, trained students on first aid in the schools around her rural home.

Meanwhile, fruits of her efforts by in Makoni North are now fruitful considering that most projects are now able to sustain themselves. Kushinga Group which is running a very big garden project in Gowakowa, is now able to provide some vegetables at funerals in the surrounded areas as well as in schools as a result, lunch is now provided to students.

Most young people who were once into drug abuse and women are now earning a living through some income generating projects funded her. In 2012 she won an SPMUDA International Humanitarian Award for Humanitarian Work to Zimbabwe Community and so far she had supported many women in the SADC region with life skills so that they become self sustainable.

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