The Success of the African Innovative Entrepreneurship Conference

By Zara Johaardien

Here is a look back at what made the conference a success on Day 1.

The eight annual African Innovative Entrepreneurship Conference took place on November 24 in the heart of Cape Town. This was one of the first conferences that had taken place with business people and entrepreneurs alike coming together both in person and online live streaming.

This year’s conference theme is “Business Continuity During and Post Covid 19” where information, perspective and also wisdom was shared, the guest speakers spoke and shed light on the many ways a person could build and also maintain a business successfully during these dire times.

CEO of the AIEC, Oliver Chikodzore, opened up this year’s conference with an intellectual trends that shaped the theme of the conference, the vision that the AIEC has in order to better the develop the landscape of what it truly means to be a successful entrepreneur in Africa.

The conference then moved on to meet its second speaker, author of The Riot Act, Hannington Mubaiwa shared his insight on the various ways and means on how to start up any business using different kinds of strategies. The author and business man, based in San Diego, showcased his winning strategies by sharing his wisdom on what Africa needs in order to better the ways a future entrepreneur finds their niche and further develop themselves.

The third speaker that we were joined with, Dr Amos Ofari Quah, spoke about business continuity. The importance of planning, as well as having contingencies should your business face dire periods of time.

Disasters includes pandemics, epidemics and weathering elements that are seen as natural causes. According to Dr. Quah, “Business continuity is a backup plan that most companies in Africa does not have.” He then shared his reasoning as to why all companies should have continuity and said into the crowd filled with entrepreneurs as well as aspiring businessmen with the most famous quote: “Failing to plan is already planning to fail.”

Within the final hour of the conference, a robust and informative discussion took place between a panel made up of Dr. Seth Asare as the moderator and the panelists being Pauline Christian, Marissa Brendel and also Phillip Sebole Masango. The robust conversation had the topic of the various opportunities Africa as well as aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs have.

Although there was a few mishaps and glitches due to technicality difficulties, however the first day of the conference got off to a successful start as various businessmen came to learn how to better their businesses and enrich Africa.

The conference is still set to continue for two more days.

Join the conference by registering using the following link:

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