25 November 2021

Today the whole world commences the #16Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence. As Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) we stand in solidarity with all survivors of GBV and encourage all survivors whether male or female to speak out against GBV. As a party we advocate for safe spaces for all people 365 days a year and not “only” during the 16 days of Gender Based Violence. GBV affects all facets of the society and should be condemned in it entirety.

One of our major priorities is to restore peace at home, peace at the work place and peace in the political economy. Nearly 1 in 3 women have been abused in their lifetime. During the COVID-19 pandemic the number of cases of GBV increased globally and recent humanitarian crises, conflicts and climate disasters have been catalysts of GBV.

LEAD feels that the issue of GBV should not be amplified only within the 16 days. GBV happens everyday in different spaces and should be amplified on a daily basis.

The onus is on every citizen of Zimbabwe to report all cases of GBV against women, the girl and boy child and men as well whom are usually forgotten is we advocate for the ending of GBV. The police should stop mocking those who come to open cases of GBV and taking lightly issues of GBV when one comes to report especially men whom they laugh at when they report that they are facing GBV at home from the wife. The Victim friendly unit at ZRP should pay due diligence to the special nature of the unit and provide a safe space for all victims of GBV.

To be frank it is easy to give a cold shoulder to a 16 days campaign but difficult to turn your back at a campaign running through out the year. As LEAD we have campaigns such as “HER STORY IS MY STORY” which are running throughout the year and everyone is free to join regardless of which party you are in. We are all Zimbabweans lets gather together and fight our common enemy. In these campaigns we take a deep look in the Anna Machaya Scenarios where we seek true justice for the abused. We have a lot of cases we are working on and seeking justice dor the voiceless who can’t afford legal council.

Fellow Zimbabweans, let us not only partake in these campaigns such as the 16 days just to seek for donor funding and so on, rather let us have a special place in our hearts where we really care about the helpless being offended and teach them their rights.



Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!”

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