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The African Entrepreneurs Conference, hosted by The African Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (AIEC), is an event focused on evaluating African entrepreneurs to the next level by creating jobs and improving the economy. The event will be held both virtually and in-person from November 24 to 26 at Invest SA One Stop Shop, Cape Town.

The theme of the event is ‘Business Continuity During and Post Covid-19’. The first day of the event was on Wednesday November 24 and was joined by guest speakers (virtually) such as Hannington Mubaiwe (President of Rapid Africa Plan), Dr. Amos Ofori Quaah (i2iMegaHub Advisory Board Chairman, UK), and Panellists: Pauline Christian (from Canada), Marissa Brendel (Germany), Phillip Sebole Masango.

Mubaiwe is the author of the book named ‘The Riot Act’ and he spoke on the definition of a roadmap and blueprint. The speaker also encouraged entrepreneurs to fortify their successes by seriously redesigning their leadership space to be a fit for the projects they wish to pursue. The 2nd speaker, Dr. Quaah, spoke on the topic ‘Business Continuity Planning’.

He covered on unforeseen circumstances that might occur in a business and how they can recover from it. “Have a plan B at all times”, said Dr. Quaah. The last topic was ‘Panel Discussion Invest in Africa Opportunities’, moderated by Dr. Seth Asare.

The panellists touched on topics such as ‘Creating Employment’, ‘How to use our experiences to help develop Africa’, ‘The challenges that entrepreneurs face’, and ‘Approach to help investors who face challenges of funding to start a business’.

The first day of the event ended off with networking which is one of the main goals of the conference.

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