Young man starts his own Farming project

By Silindokuhle Booi

Sinobom Chuma Maqawe Sowazi (22) is a BA majoring in Political Studies and Ethics student who is also a vegetable and livestock farmer, the founder and director of Ematolweni Farming and Projects PTY. He was born and bred in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

Sinobom says for him farming is something he loved since he was young because his grandmother used to grow vegetables at home for them to eat. “My passion for farming started as a young boy who was always working side by side with his grandmother in his grandmother’s small backyard garden. The miracles I saw performed by my grandmother drew me to agriculture, Ematolweni Farming and Projects pty was generated when I saw how a small spinach crop grew bigger and was able to feed us as a family,” said Sowazi.

He believed that, that kind of a miracle can change his life and also the people around him, in a way that he could also feed people, create jobs and still make money for a living out of farming. Sinobom is also quite impressed by how the business have been operating as it only started this year and faced a few challenges, “Ematolweni Farming is currently doing well, given the fact that it is a new business that started operating this year. The vegetable side of the business has been extremely doing well, we managed to sell all our spinach produce, even though we faced a challenge of losing 70% of our crops because of livestock eating the crops,” said Sowazi.

He did not only focus on one crop production but two, the potatoes as well which he is very excited about their growth, “We currently also excited about the strong and exciting journey of our potatoes growth, every day we are blessed by good results. We managed to get back in business after that hiccup, because that’s business is a win or lose”, he added.

He also mentioned that the livestock side is also doing well, though it is a bit slower and needs dedication and patience. It is known that in business there are a lot of challenges, Sinobom said when he is facing challenges he goes to a scripture in the Bible, Romans 8:18 that said “Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later” and he is always restored. He also gave words of encouragement to young farmers, “As a young farmer what I would encourage or advice my fellow entrepreneurs in farming or any aspect of business is, FOCUS on the process because that is where you learn a lot personally and business wise. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride and not the destination because if the ride is enjoyed then greatness is promised when you reach your destination.

Do not give up, when you fall get back up and try again and now you are trying again with a cautious mind”.

“To people who are interested in starting farming is that as a farmer you should know what you are going into, learn about it, have passion, discipline, patience and lastly be mentally fit because it is not a walk in the park kind of business as many thinks. Quoting my father’s words ‘Phatha ngoKwakho ukuze ulungelwe’,” added Sowazi

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