Volunteering security accused of demanding R50 for place in the Que

By Simamkele Nkinana

The residents of Mdantsane are accusing a Post office volunteering security guard at the Highway post office for demanding R50 to jump the que and an additional R10 for a place in the que, it is alleged that those who didn’t pay or those who don’t the money arrive in the early hours of the morning while others basically sleep at the post office only to go home empty handed without receiving the money and this has been happening for months now.

The people say that since the SRD grant is being received at the post office even the low life criminals stand in the ques so that they can sell their que positions to people. Most of the residential members do not want to complain to the police because they are afraid.

“I don’t see a problem here at the post office more than that people don’t want to come on their date’s to receive their funds. I let people in who come on their exact dates, If you don’t come on your date then go home I don’t have a choice because there can be load shedding on some days and people can’t get their money so that’s why I do the post office ques this way” said the volunteer security.

The community police forum said that they have footage and pictures of the volunteering security guard taking peoples Identity Document’s in a plastic bag and taking the R50 payments.

The community police forum and the people were to have a meeting with the police about this situation.

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