Chamisa seeking international community support to remove Zanu Pf

By Charumbira Gusha

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is on a diplomatic charm offensive to ensure that he wins the impending 2023 polls.

Zimbabwe has frosty relations with the West particularly the EU and US and the coming in of a new dispensation had ushered in a new hope but there has been a crackdown by suspected state agents on Chamisas MDC Alliance party. Though the Zimbabwean government has rubbished the abductions as fake, they have added traction  to Nelson Chamisas political relevance.

Coupled with the proposed Patriotic Bill which wants to criminalise any act deemed unpatriotic like the calling of sanctions on the country there is a clear attempt to muzzle dissenting voices.

When President Emerson Mnangagwa attended  COP26 in Glasgow Scotland, some journalists like Hopewell Chinono were fighting to discredit him, while Chief Ndiweni flew to join some well-known MDC Alliance activists in Glasgow who include Epiphania Kamuruki, John Burke, Anna Chikoti, Shepherd Yuda, Norah Bomani, Deborah Harry and Abygail Makope among many others who staged protests against Mnangagwas rule back home.

There were also former Zimbabwean whites who also thronged the protest and wowed the crowd with the traditional Kongonya dances.  

There are high chances that once the Bill is enacted as a law such people will be punished for what Zanu PF loyalists deemed unpatriotic acts of embarrassing the countrys president.

The ruling party has also reiterated that the legislation will censure opposition  leaders like Chamisa, Biti and Job Sikhala who have maintained that sanctions are targeting the ruling elite and should stay unless there are meaningful reforms by the ruling government.

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