Girlfriend Finds Human Remains in Boyfriend’s Fridge

By Viwe Madyibi

A 27-year old man was arrested for a gruesome murder in Protea Glen, Soweto, on Saturday.

His girlfriend had found the body parts inside the fridge when she was left alone after her man had went to the shop to go buy something to eat l, she then ran out of the property and went to go ask for help from the neighbours.

The neighbours went to the house with the girl and waited for the man to come back from the shop, he later then arrived and was asked if he could open the fridge and show them what was inside the plastic bags, he refused, one of the neighbours opened the fridge and saw the plastic bags, he then proceeded to open one of the plastic bags and saw the body parts.

The off-duty police officer who was also at the scene, went on and carved him, then the suspect tried to commit suicide upon the arrest.

The suspect will be appearing in court soon on a charge of murder.

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