Xoey Annah Chimombe: Marginalized groups should not remain vulnerable forever

By Nyasha Nhau

The founder of VaChirenda Centre of Hope an organization that started with a purpose to empower mainly girls and women, Xoey Annah Chimombe urges organizations that deals with the vulnerable and less privileged communities that they should seek ways of equipping them with self sustainability skills and resources to look after themselves.

In a telephone interview with NTU News Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwean – United States based philanthropist said “vulnerable groups should not remain vulnerable for life, some things should change and empowerment is key.

“If they are trained on certain projects and equipped, it means all the challenges they might face can be easily solved without depending on other people.”

According to her, VaChirenda Centre of Hope was founded as an honour to his father and other war heroes Zimbabwe, while it’s main purpose is to empower the marginalized groups as well as to support them with educational requirements.

“I founder this organization in memorial to all national fallen heroes and a legacy of my father, the late Retired Lieutenant Colonel Harold Elliott Mtandwa Chirenda.

“Whenever things are not okay, the people who tend to suffer the most in our communities are young girls, women and the elderly, hence comes my dream which is to see them empowered and be able to stand on their own feet and taking care of themselves.

“Those who are going to school should have all the required resources available for them not to miss school,” explained a Chimombe.

While in Zimbabwe many people always almost relates the issues of liberation struggle and the current politics, Xoey Annah Chimombe said the founding principles of her organization are not driven by the same.

“We are an apolitical organisation that wants to see women in our  communities empowered and be able to self sustain themselves without always looking for handouts or depending on other people for survival.

“The challenges we usually face are of people who think they should benefit before the intended deserving  beneficiaries.”

Meanwhile Seke Rural District based organization has done some empowerment trainings in Seke and Beatrice for young women through one of it’s programs themed The Genesis, where they were taught on how to make cordial drinks, dishwasher, beads and petroleum jelly including how to market and plan when they start their businesses so that they do not struggle with a way forward after the training.

Another initiative conducted was a harsh tag #Share-A-Warmth, a platform to give blankets to those who live in the streets and the elderly in Seke villages.

Recently the organization launched other campaigns Donate-A-Pad and Dignity Kits to the girls of Kandava Secondary School in Seke.

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