Makhanda Residents disappointed yet again

The James Kleyhnans water treatment is a plant that is situated at Glen Boyd balancing dam and it provides water to the people of Makhanda.

Makana municipality began working on the project in 2016, attempted to finish it but failed. They proceeded to promise residents in Makhanda that the project would be fast-tracked in January 2019 but only one phase had been completed at the end of 2019.

The repeated delays have raised a red flag because there are no guarantees as to when the delivery of clean reliable water will be made available to the residents of Makhanda. Corrupt management is hindering the progress of this project greatly.

Steve Beckerling an engineer at the James Kleyhnans said, “Phase one has already been completed and we are halfway through completing phases two and three”.

He further explained that at the moment they are working under a tight budget hence the progress is slow. Kleynhans added, “We also went as far as making temporary mixing systems in place for the new ones that still have to be built”.

These phases function independently but the challenge here is that they complement each other in the sense that the completion of phase two doubles the plant capacity a phase three increases the pump capacity.

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