Another side of modelling

“…modelling is not prostitution; we serve communities with the crowns.”

While many people have negative perspection on modelling career in a girl from Bulawayo saw it as a platform and an opportunity to see her passion of helping the less privileged in the communities coming to light.

In a question and answer (Q & A) interview, our NTU News Zimbabwe chief reporter Nyasha Nhau (NN) had an opportunity to interview a teenage girl Roseline Musekiwa (RM) who is a model, a student at Lupane State University and has achieved a lot of things which one could not imagine considering her age, to enlighten the nation the other side of modelling career. 

NN: Our readers would want to know who is Roseline Musekiwa.

RM: Thank Nyasha. I am a young girl aged 21, born and bred in Filabusi township in Matebeleland South, moved to Bulawayo in 2019 for greener pastures and currently residing in Pumula south.

I am a model, dancer, mental health activist, employed at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe as a call assistant in Bulawayo and a writer who is taking Film, Television and Media degree at Lupane State University.

NN: Can you take us through your journey in modelling industry?

RM:  I started modelling at the age of 9 but because many people thought my dark skin cannot be a class for beauty peagents, I got eliminated then I give up until I turned 19.

I said to myself, it is not only me who has suffered the same so I decided to stand up and speak for the voiceless using the same platform that denies me a change to serving the community.

I found some solace in Truth Models Academy with best coach and mentor Khaya-elihle Pardon Khanye as well as people to learn from and I am motivated to continue this career for the purposes of serving the community.

NN: Many people thinks that modelling is about marketing the facial beauty and body stunning. Do you mind to tell us why did you chose modelling?

RM: Modelling is not about showcasing looks and the walking , I see it as a platform to speak for the voiceless, encourage my peers and serve the communities.

My skin colour is my biggest weapon, the fact that I hail from a small town with only a growth point to admire does not stop me from reaching to the top, sky is the limit.

My favorite quote is “I want someone to look at me and say because of you I did not give up,” hence the dream lives on.

NN: Most girls especially the teenages who are in this field especially at an early stage, always almost speak of the same challenges of sexual harrasment. Kindly share with us the challenges that you have encountered in the industry.

RM: In my modelling career the biggest challenge is that moment when I was ripe and ready in the industry, then covid-19 global pandemic came that shows were cancelled and this affected us we could have learned from our predecessors.

Modelling is not prostitution because we serve the community with the crowns that we win as well as to donate at orphanage and old people’s homes, at the same time we w implement projects that helps the communities as crowns comes with sponsorship.

In addition to that we attend workshops where we are taught how to stand in for our peers hence it has nothing to do with prostitution as many people may think.

NN: What is your message to your fellow teens.

RM: Never give up and remember to stay put, it does not take two days but it will surely happen just learn from others, be inspired and start something , not forgeting to pray telling God what you want.

Get out of your comfort zones and take risk but never lose yourself in the process.

NN: In your last words also tell us your future plans?

RM: It is my biggest dream to win an international peagent and make my country proud, so I am planning to open a foundation to be named after my mother Thandazani who is my biggest inspiration and she raised me single-handedly.

The foundation will focus mainly on mental health related issues which I believe is affecting most of my peers.

As a script writer I would be publishing my first book next year an anthology of short stories and poetry under the mental health theme, which I will not disclose the title yet. I have a facebook page where I write short motivational stories and poems that have an outreach of more than 100k all over the world hence my motivation to publish a full book.

I also wish to be a news reporter alongside with my modelling career. I am contesting Miss Charity Zimbabwe which will be held in Harare on the 20th of November so I need your support my fellow Zimbabweans to vote for me online to proceed to the next level of our competition, also l am contesting for Miss Environment Zimbabwe and graduating at Truth Models Academy whilst looking forward to many peagents.

NN: Thank you for your time Roseline.

RM: You are very much welcome Nyasha.

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