Warship Dumba: Our galant liberation fighters humilitiated for exercising their democratic rights

By Nyasha Nhau

Yesterday a group of liberation warvetarans was arrested by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) when they were staging a demonstration against the minister of finance Mthuli Ncube at Africa Unity Square in Harare, claiming that what they are getting from the government as welfare is not enough to carter for their financial needs and desires as the people who liberated Zimbabwe.

In his analysis former reseacher in the office of the late former Zimbabwe prime minister Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, Warship Dumba said they have genuine grievances and are only remembered when the ruling party wants to use them to safeguard power against it’s opponents.

Dumba described their welfare as a joke considering that of other freedom fighters from neighboring countries.

“They are forgotten a lot only to be remembered by the Zanu PF party and government when their hold on power is under threat.

“The pensions they are getting are a mockery if compared to their Namibian and South African counterparts .

“In RSA apart from the R1 910 they get monthly, there is also housing, education and health allowances,” explained Dumba when he spoke to NTU News Zimbabwe.

He added that it is very important to note that warvets do not want to be members of the ruling party.

“One of the demands is that they are forced to become affiliates of Zanu PF but their reasons for going to war was to liberate the masses of Zimbabwe regardless of their political, religious, ethnic or tribal alignment.”

According to Warship Dumba, freedom fighters are on the right track and their demands are genuine.

“They are not Zanu PF, their argument is that the aims and objectives of the liberation war were among others to allow the majority of Zimbabweans to freely elect leaders of their choice.

“They are further demanding that they should get what they deserve,” Dumba said.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe war liberators are earning ZW$16 000 a month which is equivalent to US$150 using bank rate and US$100 black market rate, and this demonstration is the second in 2 months as the first one also ended with police displacing them before they had staged their intended demonstration.

This time, they wanted to register their displeasure to president Emmerson Mnangagwa at his Munhumupata offices through a demonstration accompanied by a petition, when over 20 members of their group were arrested.

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