By Iviwe Makhasi

A man accused of raping his daughter, and then gave her tank pill before dumping her on the plains at Old Payne in Umtata, appeared in court on 25 October.

The incident happened almost two weeks ago at their home in Payne. The 14-year-old victim was found dumped in a field but was still alive. As the man appeared in court, he was expected to apply for bail but that failed.

Payne residents had filed leaflets outside the court in protest against the bail application.

One of Payne’s women said they are concerned about the constant rape of women. “We have no hope that the government will be able to fight children when they are killed by their fathers. “We do not know for those who still want to have children where they will give birth”, she added.

Residents want the government to step up its fight against rape and they also said they did not know how the fourteen-year-old victim would feel if the suspect can be released from the custody.

Resident of the area said, “We want the suspect to be granted no bail as this could lead to further abuse of minors. The man allegedly abducted the child from his grandmother and wanted to rape her”. He then called on the government to always protect children.

The case is being re-assigned to another judge, and a new trial will be held on November 2, with a bail application.

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