Mr & Miss Able finalists held their first ‘rediscovery’ workshop

By: Sesona Mqheliswa

Mr & Miss Able, in cooperation with 3 Ps Media House, hosted their first workshop, titled ‘Unlock Your Full Potential’ Mr &  Miss Able is a pageant that goes beyond what modelling agencies do; it’s a journey that moulds, empowers, and harnesses the strengths and capabilities of young people living with disabilities.

“Often times people living with disability are disregarded and not seen as people who could amount to anything in life, but this day we are here to instil the mentality of self- belief, self-love and reliance”, said Kayline.

The purpose of the workshop, according to Kamva Kalani, known as Kayline, founder of 3Ps Media House, was to make those individuals ambassadors for those living with disability, to make them advocates for those living with disability because there are public services/institutions that are not friendly to those living with disability, and this initiative aims to work closely with them so that they understand and are fully aware of their struggles. “Our motivation is not necessarily the beauty element of the pageant, but also to tell them that they have the power to speak and be heard, and that their impairment does not have to silence them,” Kayline continued.

Founder of Mr & Miss Able, Mrs Khayakazi Langa stated that there are 20 finalists for the pageant, 10 males and 10 females, and the pageant looking more into the finalists unlocking their full potential, looking into how they dig deep down in themselves so as to live a purposeful driven  life. “The idea of Mr & Miss Able came to me because my husband is physically disabled and his disability was passed on to our 4 beautiful girls and I had always wished for all my kids to do modeling to represent those living with disability”, said Mrs Langa.

The current reigning Queen of Miss SA Plus World, Ngwekazi Apiwe Makaba, who is also a judge for the Mr & Miss Able pageant, spoke at the workshop and unpacked the theme of the day, ‘unlock your full potential,’ with the goal of helping the finalists rediscover their purpose and unlock their full potential, to help them do self-introspection and dig deeper to realize that their stories have value and to align their stories with their brands. She taught them the importance of having a vision, a vision board, and goals in order to completely comprehend and invest in themselves and their future.

“When your potential is unlocked you become unstoppable.  You finally realize your power, influence and self- identity and you become self-aware of who you are”, said Miss Makaba.

The workshop taught them to be intentional, to be authentic, to open their minds and hearts for learning, brand, love themselves whole heartedly and embrace who they are and fully live their truth.

Mr & Miss Able, in partnership with 3Ps Media House, expressed their gratitude to the 1st Manor class B&B for hosting the 20 Mr & Miss Able finalists, as well as the VW Mdantsane Club for transporting them.

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