EC Designer Dresses the Real Housewives of Durban

By Uyanda Mjanyelwa

Local las, Adda Bhala is the brainchild behind the brand called Adda Kouture and hails from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. She studied and completed her qualification in Tourism related studies and later pivoted careers where she decided to pursue a career in fashion design at a school which was called the F Wilson Fashion Institute for a year in Pretoria.

Adda has always been obsessed with the glamorous world and one can attest to this as she recently featured in dressing the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DURBAN where she showcased her designs and we witnessed how beautiful and glamorous the wives looked.

“From a young age I watched a lot of beauty pageants, fashion shows and read a lot of fashion magazines,” said Bhala. She started designing early in her varsity days while studying at NMMU. Bhala was always doing research about famous designers and aspired to be like them as she shared the same passion.

Bhala expressed how excited she was for getting the opportunity to feature in dressing the real housewives, “I was really excited for the opportunity as for me it’s about the business of fashion and building credibility for my brand more than anything.”

Adda’s brand is currently online based and is easily accessible through social media platforms, on twittwer @addakouture and on Instagram @rentthekloset which is its sisterbrand.

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