By Siposethu Hashe

As a way of fighting the current water crisis Buffalo City Metro has supplied residents of Abbotsford, Dorchester heights, Dorchester heights informal settlements and Nahoon Valley with water tanks.

Residents were given a chance to add themselves on the list compiled for  people who needed water tanks, which was submitted to the Metro.

Ward 15 Councillor Bopi explained how a lot of people were present at the general meeting that was held to discuss the needs of residents of Ward 15.

The project of water tanks was supposed to be rolled out in 2020, but because of the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa, the Metro shifted its focus to the provision of funds for food vouchers.

All members of the ward 15 community are legible to receive the 1,890 litre water tanks.The eligibility of the project is that it must be used for non-service delivery purposes.

Councillor member, Sikhander Coopoo explained that they asked for 100 tanks, on the 15th of October the last 40 arrived and are being handed out.

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