NAM Foundation donates sanitary towels to Kusile Comprehensive school

By Sesona Mqheliswa

Yesterday, the NAM Foundation provided sanitary towels to Kusile Comprehensive School, one of Duncan Village’s schools, with the purpose of educating and empowering girls about menstruation hygiene and reproduction health.

“As our girls miss school during their menstrual cycle because they do not have or cannot afford sanitary towels, we want to introduce quality hygiene education to girls and boy. It is important to us to have this information sharing sessions about menstrual hygiene with hopes to normalize the conversations and put an end to the myths”, said Ms Makaba.

Founder of Nam Foundation, Ngwekazi Apiwe Makaba mentioned that their aim is assisting underprivileged children and adolescents in the rural areas by providing sanitary towels, access to higher education and information. Their aim is to restore dignity and to raise awareness about women’s health and giving girls the opportunity to continue with their education without the burden of hygiene risks, discomfort and embarrassment. 

“As the school we are very thankful to NAM Foundation for their generosity of seeing our girls, this initiative will benefit all those who cannot afford to have sanitary towels and these donations will encourage learners to look forward to going to school every day without worrying”, said the school teacher, Buncwane Sonkosi.

Anam Dyani, a learner from grade 10, claimed that the NAM Foundation’s program will benefit many girls who are embarrassed to be on their periods because they can’t afford to buy sanitary towels and have to miss school while they are on their periods.

“We need more of these initiatives to teach us about menstrual hygiene and provide us with the kind of intervention that we need as learners and with the help from NAM Foundation it is no longer necessary for the girls to miss classes and feel embarrassed”, said Anam.

The founder of the NAM Foundation claimed that they are attempting to establish a relationship with the school in order to give a helping hand and perform more good work that will benefit all the learners.

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