By Phila Audrey Tuba

The Mayor of Emalahleni Municipality Councillor Nontombizanele Koni hosted a gift of the givers event where they delivered services and facilities to the Emalahleni Community in Cacadu Stadium this past Saturday, October 16.

Project Manager of the Gift of the Givers Ali Sablay had thanked the Emalahleni Municipality for their hospitality, he also assured the municipality that they had looked at all the districts under municipality trying to find ways in which they can assist and serve. However, the Gift of the Givers Foundation had brought about 500 food parcels, items of clothing for every child to receive in the community. The people who received the food parcels are between the ages of 35-59 those who are unemployed.

Mayor of Emalahleni Municipality Nontombizanele Koni said that the municipality is under Cogta as they were assisted by COGTA for many years but the challenges to help the community are never enough. Therefore, the Emalahleni Municipality was forced to seek help from other NPO’s. Their partnership with the Gift of the Givers become strong during the corona virus pandemic when the Gift of the Givers had assisted in the nearby hospital. Then the Mayor made a plea to the Gift of the Givers to assist the community especially people who are unemployed and those that depend on the social grant. She further said that the items of clothing received from the Gift of the Givers will change lives of those that depend on social grant and of the forgotten people ranging from 36 years.

The Mayor also stated that their partnership with the Gift of the Givers will continue even after her 5-year term would end, it paved the way for incoming mayor.

MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Honourable Xolile Nqatha had applauded Mayor Councillor Nontombizanele Koni for the work that she has done during her 5-year reign as a Mayor of Emalahleni Municipality. He addressed the challenges that the youths are facing today such the high rate of unemployed graduates that are not getting employed in government structures because of corruption. He praised the government for forming the District Development Programme where the leaders of National Government are able to work with other government structures to enable to solve problems that are faced by the community at large.

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