Is South Africa Indeed Becoming a Scary Movie?

By Zintle Tsheme

Perhaps some might say the events and disasters our country has been facing for the last couple of months are indications that the world is indeed coming to an end.

From the beginning of the pandemic, everything seemed surreal. Death tolls spiking high, so were the numbers of infections, the nationwide lockdown restrictions, shelves running dry because people bought I bulks. To now having the attacks in Phoenix where Indian people were alleged to have killed black people, which resulted to retaliation and chaos of course, Somalians carrying guns in public and burning taxi ranks in Gqeberha, to the Defence Minister, Thandi Modise being held hostage, what’s next?

All these have spark questions, should South Africa still call itself a proud Rainbow Nation, are these happening because our government is too lenient, does government care, are they doing enough, are the other parties who want to rule showing potential to change these circumstances?

You decide. Your vote matters, it brings about change and speaks volumes. Elections will be held on November 1.

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