Kumkanifm help Unako go back to school

By Simamkele Nkinana

Kumkani FM’s feature, Pay my Bills, helped a 17 year old teenager from Mdantsane return to school.

Unako Kewana (17) dropped out in grade 8. Unako was diagnosed with lung infection, her lungs are damaged and she depends on an oxygen breathing machine.

Unako lives with her 40 year old mother Nontobeko Kewana who suffered a stroke after 2016 from tooth extraction that went wrong at Cecelia Makiwane Hospital.

Nontobeko was a bread-winner in her family and had to leave her work at Nestlé where she used to work. She is struggling to make ends meet, they both depend on disability grants. 

Unako said she dropped out of School in 2016 not only because of her health complications but also because she was bullied by other learners, who called her names. The bullying psychology affected the teen as a result she has no interest in going back to class but instead she wants to study from home. She said she reported the bullying but there was no intervention by school. 

The teen is appealing to anyone who may assist with mobile oxygen because the machine she is currently using is not portable, which is one of the reasons she cannot attend school.

The family is also seeking help financially, because the oxygen consumes a lot of electricity and often run out of electricity. The gas tanks she received from Cecelia Makiwane have ran out, she said it sometimes takes up to three months to get a refilled tank.

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