Judgement Handed Down: Ngqushwa Local Municipality to restore possession of Emthonjeni

By Irshaad Gangat

The Ngqushwa Local Municipal Manager, Ndoda Mgengo, allegedly tried to evict Nolubabalo Babsi Mcinga, of Emthonjeni Lodge and its occupants in Hamburg on September 3, and tried again on September 4 without a court order with armed guards in toe from Tyekana Protection and Cleaning. Mcinga referred the matter to her legal representative.

The Emthonjeni Arts buildings were not being used for more than 5 years when Mcinga and Company was appointed as the developer, maintenance keeper and responsible for running of the day to day operations of the Emthonjeni property for a period of 30 years. It was in a very bad condition that needed serious renovation, refurbishment of the building and this stopped due to disputes over the terms of the lease agreement.

The Ngqushwa Local Municipality did not conduct an initial inspection when Mcinga and Company took occupancy. The Ngqushwa Local Municipality only sent property assessors after the property had been refurbished using over half a million Rand on renovations said Nolubabalo Babsi Mcinga, the owner of Mcinga and Company.

“The municipal manager is unapologetic about his Gender Based Violence behaviour to the point that municipal funds was used to hire armed guards to unlawfully vacate my staff and one can imagine the cost implications of this unhealthy experience” said Nolubabalo Babsi Mcinga, the owner of Mcinga and Company.

“The municipality has been frustrating us over 2 years now not wanting to sit down and agree so operations can continue” said Mcinga.

Judgement was handed down on October 13 in the Bhisho High court by Judge NG Beshe who ordered the Ngqushwa Municipality to restore peaceful and undisturbed possession of the Emthonjeni Arts building to Mcinga and Company.

“I am devastated, traumatized, by the act of Ngqushwa Municipality, the way I am treated by the municipality is embarrassing, as a young single parent, woman who empowered over 35 unemployed people in a space of 1 year, assisting the local football clubs annually, assisting the Hamburg community with funeral donations and catering at no costs for government hosted community events, and putting the municipality on the map globally, to be violently threatened by guns, said Mcinga.”

She adds, “The municipality especially the Mayor who is a woman should have woman’s interests at heart and empower them by assisting all plans presented to the municipality in the Expression of interest and Implementation plan.”

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