Infant baby rescued from grave in Xolobe Administrative Area in the EC

By Sesona Mqheliswa

A 34-year-old woman from the Xolobe Administrative Area allegedly gave birth to a baby girl during the early hours of Monday morning, October 11, and the infant was  placed in a suitcase and buried in a small grave in the  back yard more than 24 hours.

The chief of the area who got a tip off from the villagers on Tuesday 12/10/21 at around 16:00 alerted Tsomo police about the suspected of a pregnant woman who is no longer pregnant and has no child. Police arrived in Xolobe and discovered a grave in the yard. When the police dug it out, they discovered the infant, still alive, wrapped in blankets in the luggage.

“The child was taken to hospital and social development will now get involved in respect of the child welfare”, said police spokesperson, Priscilla Naidu.

The mother was detained and sent to the hospital for medical treatment. She is currently under supervision. A case of attempted murder is under investigation.

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