Thursday Feeding Project brings Food for Children of Kariega

By Irshaad Gangat

The Thursday Food Project has been established to provide food to the needy children in Lapland in Kariega formerly known as Uitenhage. The project is still in its infancy stage having only run for the last month.

“It is in my plan to provide more food in different parts of Uitenhage bit by bit. I have been running this on my own for this time so to expand I’ll definitely need funding because I want to buy bigger pots and a new gas stove maybe 4 or 6 burner to cook more” said the Thursday Food Project Coordinator, Lyndell Snayers.

Snayers said that it has been a lifelong dream of hers to provide for the needy. She has been inspired by the compassion of her Late Mother who cared for members of the community of Makhanda (Gramstown) in her home town.

“Yes it’s been a dream of mine really, actually because of my Mom she always did something good for someone and that really hit hard for me to start doing the feeding project because it’s tough in this world.  I also struggle but at least my children have something to eat everyday but what about kids who maybe only have that one meal or no meal at all” elaborated Snayers.

If you want to donate food stuffs to the Thursday Feeding Project in Kariega or you want to sponsor a child’s meal you can contact the project coordinator, Lyndell Snayers on ‪+27 73 403 3339‬.

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