Art Gallery in Enoch Mgijima Municipality up in flames

By Viwe Madyibi

On Monday night around 10pm, spokesperson of the Enoch Mgijima Municipality Lonwabo Kowa received a phone call alerting him that the Art Gallery Municipality building was being torched.

“When our fire officials arrived on the scene
the building was already engulfed in fire. We
estimated that the fire started about an hour before the call was made. So there wasn’t much to do except to save the nearby buildings” Kowa explains.

Firefighters tried to control the fire from spreading through the whole building and made sure that some parts of the building was protected.

Fortunately no one was in the building when the incident occurred.

The Enoch Mgijima Municipality has been in the spotlight after it was funded with a R15 million tender to build a sports stadium, in which they have failed to do so images have circulated on social media showing an uneven field, small metal stands in a dry field.

Hawks are currently investigating this matter.

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