Multi-talented leader, actor come musician laid to rest

By Nyasha Nhau

According to James Collins an American consultant focusses on the subject of business, level 5 leaders are incredibly ambitious, but their ambition is first for the cause, for the organization and it’s purpose not themselves.

That was the case with a musician come actor George Tanjani popularly known as Jiggaz who died on friday at the age of 39 after he succumbed to mild stomach pains.

According to many actors and musicians both professional, upcoming and promising, Zim dancehall artiste Spiderman’s mentor George Tanjani was a happy man who used to share ideas and want to see people making it in the arts industry hence used to sharing his wisdom as well as supporting fellow artistes through collaborations or partnerships in different projects.

Below are some of the testimonies of his great leading role in the arts sector, by some of the actors and musicians who once worked with him while others were in a process of working with him on different projects, who spoke to NTU News Zimbabwe.

Bridget Paradza

“I met him last year wena, we became very good friends and I had a main role in a film he wanted to do.

“It’s a pity afa tisati taiita, the film was called Chigaramapfihwa , and was going to be directed by him and feature myself, Annie Paradza, Sharon Chisirimunhu, Slyvia Mavezere and Simbarashe (Lockomaster) Mulokoti.”

Sharon Manyame

“Hakuna mari ka kunze uku. Tirikuchema nekutambudzika kunze uku (one of his popularly songs). Rest in peace artiste.

“We were friends with Jiggaz from 2000, he then introduced me to the film industry when we did  his own drama plays like Hakuna mari, Ndimi honzeri and Dai uriwe.

“I was mentored by him, he taught me acting and everything about being an actress.

“I managed to work with big artistes because I once worked at Patsime Trust, my talent in acting was discovered by Jiggaz, we used to call each other wekusviba or blackaz because taizviti takasviba.

“I have lost a brother mentor and a friend ndarwadziswa.”

Maxwell Chanakira (Max Gee aka King Gee)

“Mashoko andinoda kupa kumhuri yekwana Jiggaz ndinoti ngati chemei netariro nekuti inzira yedu tose, tichasangana kudenga ivo vatungamira vachafanoti gadzirira musha wekugara ikoko.

“Ini na mukoma Jiggaz takamboshanda tese ku music takaita show 2011 pandakatanga kuimba uyezve pavazofa tanga tisina 2 days tabva kutaura tese vachiti vari kuuya Ku studio kwangu hameno kuti ndokuuya kwacho here uku.

“I did a tribute song for him entitled Pasirino Hariguti.”

The National Arts Merits Awards (NAMA) award winner and Patsime Trust crowd puller Tanjani had a lot of drama plays, 8 albums and he even groomed other fellows in the arts industry.

Speaking to NTU News Zimbabwe, one of his long time workmates and friend whom Tanjani co-led with as projects officers at Patsime Family, Mugadza whose stage name is Franko said the death of Tanjani came to him as a shock considering that he once had direct communication with him as he confirmed that he was going to be part of the next day’s lined up program encouraging others that day to join him polish advertising areas for the purposes of attracting more audience.

“The night he passed on we were suppose to perform the next day, the host told us that George was going to be the surprise guest, we did not know about that.

“Also he was suppose to perform at Theatre in the park, we had already advertised the poster.

“We were planning yet God was planning in His own way.

“I still can’t believe this it is actually a shock to me considering that a previous day we had shared a lighter moment as usual but it was almost home time, and he did not respond as we used to do,” said Mugadza.

“All of a sudden a person whom you were with a previous day promising each other that we would be meeting the following day since he had said that acids effects were no longer higher in his stomach, and was now feeling better.

“Kana muchiti ma acids anga akwira asi adzika zvinofadza, akati toda kupedzesa kupa vanhu ma tickets mangwana,” he added.

Mugadza said Tanjani once took a break from working with Patsime Family but when he came back he had totally changed, but that does not stop him from remaining one of the multi talented persons in the industry.

“He was now a different person believe me, he was now cool l just can not explain better, but believe me when l say he was one of the best actors, some known him by the name Jiggaz, we spend a lot of time with him in acting industry where we met as Patsime Family.”

He knew Jiggaz better considering the time that they spend together bonded by the coordial relations. “We used to go everywhere touring, shared the stage and food as well as visiting each other’s homes sharing jokes one of us saying if you die l will inherit your wife while the other one saying l will take the children because l am the biological father.

“All l can say is rest in power king, it is heartbreaking we are very saddened as a family that was working with him,” said Mugadza whose other stage name is Abhike.

George Tanjani was laid to rest today (sunday) at Mbudzi graveyard, he survived by his wife and seven children.

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