Helping Hand Association: Rights of children should not be selective

By Anesu Angeline Madziro

A Kadoma based youth organization Helping Hand Association has reminded the nation that children’s rights should not be one sided every child has got the rights as enshrined in the constitution of the country.

During an interview with NTU News Zimbabwe, the founder Theophilus Tadiwanashe Mupingiza said, “the rights of children should apply to both boys and girls although female counterparts are usually at a most vulnerable position than their counterparts.”

He added that a larger number of the world’s children are female but families and societies that  we live in are reluctant to empower girlchild, hence expose them to child abuse.

“In our communities, most families still have a belief that girls should be a second priority when it comes to empowerment, a number of boys than girls go to school and this is likely to force girls to enter into early child marriages because of hunger and poverty,” said Mupingiza.

He added that, “it is not easy for girls everywhere to make their voices heard and be able to make decisions in their lives.”

Helping Hand Association has experts on the issue of children’s rights, it is also supporting not only members of the organization but as well outsiders in terms of capacitating them with knowledge to know their rights through workshops.

“We are working on establishing a platform for campaigning awareness programs to fight for every child’s right to education.

“We are inviting  everyone who is willing to partner with us in this struggle.

“Boys and girls should have equal opportunities, it is unfair that most of us can not go to school and we have to do all the housework while boys are allowed to study and play”, weighed in Natasha Monera the organization secretary general.

After a setback caused by the global pandemic covid-19, Helping Hand Association is planning to kickstart most of it’s programs from january 2022 including conducting lessons and training through it’s community ambassadors who have experienced violence, abuses and extreme injustice.

Purpose of the initiative is to help children to start their own life as well as discover thier future carriers.

The initiative will be in partnership with Kadoma Greystone Academy founded by Mr William Banda.

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