Young Entrepreneur Thando Phantsi Creates Upcoming Events to Help Raise Funds for the Needy

By Uyanda Mjanyelwa

A 22-year-old young entrepreneur Thando Phantsi was born in Tabase eMandleni in the Eastern Cape in KSD Mthatha will be hosting various events in order to raise funds for the needy.

Thando Phantsi started an organization called “The Rebuild Organization” in 2019 and has been at it ever since. His idea of starting the organization was to actively move towards economic freedom in our life time that is the youth, meaning emancipating the young people using charity that is the education of black consciousness, economic education and giving opportunities. His reason for establishing the organization was because of the floods that were once in Port St Johns, “I was so touched and decided to help out.” Phantsi said they collected building material, clothes, food and other necessities that were needed. “That is where I realised there’s a lot I can do for the community,” said Phantsi.

Phantsi heads the organization and is currently busy running a project called “one brick per person,” a programme which is to help rebuild houses for the needy.

“I do what I can when I can, collecting shoes, raise tournaments and doing events to raise funds,” said Phantsi. He also takes kids to football trials and netball trials where he also hosts marathon events to raise funds for the needy.

“My charity is long term charity,” said Phantsi.

The aim of this organization is to educate the youth, educate young people about possibilities of achieving, possibilities of being a better person and the possibilities of taking a black child somewhere. Thando Phantsi has 3 upcoming events, the icons journey marathon, easter tournament and also the music festival which will entail music, fashion, soccer festival and also a marathon. Phantsi has a big line up but cannot disclose that at the moment.

The organization is funded by Phantsi, “I use money from my pocket and exhaust my contacts where people can help.”

“I have got quite many relationships with the MEC of Sport, MEC of Social Development, internally in municipality I have also got a relationship going on with the mayor,” said Phantsi.

At the moment Phantsi still heads and funds the organization but when the time comes he will allow people to push in and help where they can.

For more details on the upcoming events please contact 064 ‪873 9984‬ or email

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