Warship Dumba: Komichi must be pushing ZANU PF to implement electoral reforms

“….elections are an emotional pressure release valve meant to keep citizens at peace.”

By Nyasha Nhau

After MDC-T has made headlines this week following their proposal through it’s national chairman senator Morgan Komichi, that elections must be suspended paving way for electoral reforms, a lot of people are engaging in heated arguments through different platforms include social media since monday over this suggestion.

In response to the call by Komichi, former Mt Pleasant Harare councillor Worship Dumba said it is unconstitutional and that can only happen in consultations with the people of Zimbabwe.

“The proposal by MDCT’s chairman Morgen Komichi that elections must be suspended or postponed is outrageously senseless, shameful thought and above all grossly  unconstitutional.

“Voting or electing the people’s representatives is a universal right enshrined in our national constitution and cannot be whimsically taken away from the people without their approval through a national referendum,” said Dumba during an interview with NTU News Zimbabwe.

According to him, people have rejected the MDC-T hence they are suggesting for what they think is an alternative way that would help them to remain relevant in politics and said Komichi should instead take advantage of his presence in the upper house to help push for electoral reforms.

“It is not rocket science to conclude that the only reason why MDCT is coming out with such a weird proposal is that MDCT has discovered beyond any shred of doubt that Zimbabweans have rejected them.

“Morgen Komichi must instead be moving motions in the senate to force his Zanu PF to implement electoral reforms than take Zimbabweans for granted.”

Former worker in the Research Department of the then Prime Minister’s office during the GNU between 2009 and 2013, Dumba thinks that suspending elections is violating people’s rights and this level is very dangerous for people’s fragile democracy, while at the same time he does not believe that ZANU PF would fell for it.

He said, “elections are an emotional pressure release valve meant to keep citizens at peace.

“Keeping that valve closed can cause an explosion that will prove disastrous for our beautiful country, and l do not believe that ZANU PF will fall for such retrogressive thinking.”

He also took time to dig into Zimbabwe Electoral Commission as a result of it’s continued stance on bi-elections, claiming that the electoral board is captured by the ruling party which is a clear sign that Zimbabwe is not anywhere near democracy. “ZEC has failed to be as independent as it should be as enshrined in the national constitution.

“ZANU PF calls the shots, in other words it behaves more like part of the ZANU PF’s commissariat.

“The excuse that by-elections can not be held in this covid-19 environment while the ruling party is busy restructuring itself is absurd and exposes its double standards and its known culture.

“It also proves beyond any shred of doubt that Zanu PF is afraid of the Zimbabwean citizens, the powers that be must be getting accurate intelligence that the ground is not suitable for them to get into any form of elections at the moment.

“That only proves that democracy is in the ICU (intensive care unit) in Zimbabwe, people must have representatives all the time be it at ward or constituency level, a right many Zimbabweans have been denied under the cover and pretext of global pandemic,” explained Dumba.

Worship Dumba who continued as an aid to the late fomer prime minister of Zimbabwe and president of the MDC Tsvangirai until the time of his death in February 2018, from the research department, also encouraged people who do not vote because they do not have confidence in the electorate to register, cast and defend their vote on the day, as well as advised told them that rigging of elections is made easier by them.

“Failing to vote is actually voting for the status quo.

“My advice to those who think there is no difference between voting and not is that they must register to vote and encourage others to do so and ensure that they protect their votes on the day they vote.

“Refusing to vote is more like surrendering your future and that of future generations to others who do not care about you.”

Dumba also reminded people that the 1970s war of liberation was fought so that Zimbabweans chose leaders of their choice.

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